Atomic Opera acoustic Radio Performance

I 'm going through video tapes of Atomic Opera as I am writing my first book "Search For The Remarkable." In part, the book will tell the story of forming, recording and touring with the band. In 1994 we were touring the U.S. as the opening act for Dio. Occasionally, we would pick up shows on the … Continue reading

Raw Slice of Book #2 “RainDog and DemonPup”

RainDog, our big black chow got pregnant. We had bought her in Missouri just after we moved into our second trailer home. Chows are very protective dogs, so she helped us feel a little more safe living in a sketchy neighborhood of the big city—especially the times when Kim was alone. RainDog was … Continue reading

Raw Slice of Book #1 – Hello Texas!

It was late December so Kim and I went to Illinois for Christmas, and tried explaining to our family why it was a good idea to move to the wild, wild west to be rock stars. Jobs? No, we didn’t have jobs lined up. Money? No, we didn’t have any savings. Where will we live? We are going to stay … Continue reading