Does Everyone Know God?

Everyone knows God. Even smartie-pants teenage boys who walk around pretending to be atheists when they are fourteen-years-old. Growing up in the 70s, I had only seen the church from the outside of the stained glass windows. I thought all the people inside were victims of group hypnosis, an … Continue reading

Frank NEWS

Last Update April 21, 2015 Frank Hart starts a New Podcast - April, 2015 Frank is a great travel companion and now you can take him with you anywhere you go. Have deep conversations about faith, doubt, anger, family and other practical subjects. It will be a bit of a one-way conversation … Continue reading

NewChurch Messages

Messages from NewChurch Saturday Nights. Thoughts on how Jesus turns everything we think we know on its head. Worry. Anger. Worship. Raising kids. Miracles. Marriage. Friendship. Hope. Death. Family. The Future. Decisions. Happiness. Charity. Obsession. Sex. Possessions. … Continue reading

A Million Ways to do Church Wrong

A Million Ways to Do Church Wrong | MSG 4-12-15 If we were to start a new church, if we could clear the slate and start fresh, if we could open God’s Word and let it speak to us, what would that church be like? In our imaginations, what do we picture when we think of a “church?” In our … Continue reading